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February 2nd - 5th, 2023
Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G cell towers, "smart" meters, global satellites... You ARE already overexposed. Learn exactly how to PROTECT yourself & your family from these dangers!
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Get the truth and the science about the Dangerous Effects of Smartphones, Bluetooth, WiFi and other sources of wireless radiation that you can't see, but are seriously impacting your family's health!
EMFs are INCREASING your risks of CANCER - Confirmed!
Top scientists argue that EMFs should be reclassified as a Class 1 carcinogen next to tobacco and asbestos.¹ The longer you are exposed, the bigger your risks.
EMF is the MASTER TOXIN and could make other toxins you're exposed to even worse!
Wireless radiation acts in synergy with other chemicals you're exposed to, potentially duplicating how toxic they are. One more reason to start reducing your EMF exposure NOW, not later.²
EMF radiation (including 5G) can DISRUPT every single system inside your body!
You are being exposed 24/7 to this radiation, which is depleting your antioxidants and stressing you out on a cellular level - essentially aging you faster. (aka Rapid Aging Syndrome)³
Wireless radiation is literally SHRINKING kids' brains, making them more prone to ADHD!
Kids are absorbing twice as much radiation⁵ and are left completely unprotected with our current safety standards. This is the first generation exposed to this new highly toxic radiation.
You are likely already experiencing the SYMPTOMS of EMF Pollution!
If you're sleeping with your phone, you are asking for trouble. All these invisible EMF sources are keeping your body restless and stressed out. Lower energy, insomnia, depression, brain fog and more can be triggered or worsened by EMF exposure!⁶
Everyday Exposure to EMF Radiation Has Been Linked With...⁷
Accelerated Aging
Chronic Inflammation
Behavioral Problems in Kids
Lowered Fertility
Decreased Immunity
Lowered Metabolism
Toxic Overload
Hormonal Disruption
Increase in Stress
Increased Cancer Risk
Fatigue & Low Energy Levels
Pregnancy Risks
Lower Testosterone
Pre-Menopausal Symptoms
Depleted Mitochondria
Lowered Antioxidants
Brain Fog & Lack of Concentration
Mystery Illnesses Due to Electro-sensitivity
And So Much More!
Hear Shocking Discoveries From...
The World's Leading Scientists, Doctors and Health Experts
Dr. Marco Ruggiero

Electro-Pollution Disrupts Your Microbiome: The Scientific Proof

Prof. Olle Johansson

Are EMFs Harming Insects, Animals & All Life?

Dr. Eric Zielinski

How Essential Oils Can Mitigate EMF Stress

Dr. Martin Pall

Exactly How EMFs Are Harming Your Cells

Dr. Neil Nathan

How Mold & Other Toxins Impacts Electro Sensitivity

Dr. Beverly Rubik

EMFs & the Human Biofield

Suzie Senk

Reducing EMFs & Other Sleep "Hacks"

Jonathan Landsman

Are Toxic Dental Interventions Making You EMF Sensitive?

Dr. Stephanie McCarter

Is Electro Hypersensitivity "Curable", or Permanent?

Dr. Tom Cowan

EMFs, Water Structure & Hydration

Dr. Gaetan Chevalier

The Honest, Scientific Truth About EMF "Harmonizers" & Subtle Energy Devices

Debora Wayne

Energy Healing: Optimizing Your “Inner EMFs”

Dr. Ted Achacoso

EMFs: An Obstacle to Optimal Health?

Eileen Day McKusick

Incredible Discoveries About Sound Healing & Electro Sensitivity

Dr. William Pawluk

PEMF Therapy: EMFs That Heal?

Wade Lightheart

EMF Resilience: The Magnesium Link

Cal Washington & Josh del Sol

Launch of a Worldwide Mass Action!

Erin Elizabeth

The Dangerous Slippery Slope of Online Censorship

Meet Your Summit Host - Nicolas Pineault
My name is Nick Pineault, and some people call me “The EMF Guy” — “EMF,” meaning electromagnetic fields, or simply put the electromagnetic “pollution” that we’re being exposed to and that’s currently steadily increasing. I’m the author of one of the best-rated books on the topic of how EMFs impact human health and what to do about it. Since late 2016, I’ve become a passionate advocate for safe technologies, raising awareness around the EMF problem on well over a hundred combined podcasts, Facebook lives, radio shows, TV shows, and stages all around the world.
Step Into The Future With Confidence!
The Top EMF Experts In The World Will Help You...  
Discover the Easy and Affordable Ways You Can Clean EMFs Out of Your Home
You'll make your home a safer and healthier place for you and your family. You'll finally lower your anxiety levels because you can rest easy knowing your family's protected from the negative effects of EMFs.
Prevent the Long-Term Health Hazards Related to This Wireless Technology
The long-term health risks of EMF pollution might start appearing decades from now. By then it will be too late to stop them from cutting your life short - but that won't happen when you're armed with the information you're learning here.
Get a Step-By-Step Plan You Can Use Immediately
This will allow you to use your cell phone and other gadgets - which secretly represent the largest EMF hazards to your body - in a safer way. This will allow you to rest easy with the technology you need to function in today's world.
Experience Better Energy Levels, Brighter Moods and Better   Sleep Right Now
Once you've removed electro-pollution from your bedroom, you may begin to experience better sleep, along with a removal of negative health symptoms that you may have even had all of your life.
Learn From World-Class EMF Experts Who Bring Proven Solutions to the Table For EMF Problems
This is important because most of what you find on the Internet is mostly marketing with little substance. Our experts will see to it that you don't fall prey to these bad actors.
And if that wasn’t enough, you'll get an edge in your life to...
Finally know exactly how to protect yourself from EMFs and their health hazards.
Effortlessly apply these new low-EMF solutions in your household without much friction from your family.
Finally know how to talk to your friends and family about this issue without sounding like a lunatic.
Quickly know how to minimize your exposure at home and how to avoid buying the wrong gadgets.
Confidently face the inevitable increase in electro-pollution that comes with 5G and future technologies because you now know what to do.
And so much more!

Four Advantages to Attending Online For Free!
Learn From The World's Leading Experts
Still think EMF and 5G dangers are only for the "tin foil hat" crowd? Learn from 18 world-class scientists, researchers, doctors and health experts as they pull back the curtain on the truth about this technology. Learn how you can safeguard your entire household and finally become empowered with all the knowledge you need to live a happy , healthy life!
Time Saving, Virtual Education
Skip the need to attend in-person seminars and bypass waiting in long airport lines. There's no need to check into overpriced hotel rooms and spend less time away from your family anymore. With our time saving, expense free virtual education platform, you can learn effortlessly without having to leave your own home or office.
Learning Designed For Success
Time is a more valuable commodity than money in the modern economy. You can stop wasting hours researching, testing and figuring it out on your own. Now you can learn online directly from the experts without missing a beat at the office or at home!
High Quality Expert Resources
There is no substitute for high quality educational resources that allow you to connect with world-class expert sessions to learn strategies engineered to help you achieve maximum results.
You Can’t Afford To Wait Any Longer!
ACCESS this Live-changing virtual EMF educational event.
Learn the Truth About EMF Radiation (including 5G) and Get Proven Solutions to Protect
Your Health and Family

This FREE Virtual Event Goes LIVE February 2-5th, 2023
Each training session remains available for 24 hours from 9am - 9am EST the following day.
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Pollinators Are In Peril - Is Our Food Supply At Stake?
This Event Supports Prof. Johansson’s Critical Research on Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) & Pollinators
This is no hyperbole. More than 90% of the American bumblebees in the United States are gone.⁸ Beekeepers in Canada recently lost up to 90% of their honeybees.⁹

Worldwide, environmentalist organizations and governments alike have been ignoring the mounting evidence that one of the hidden culprits behind this sudden decline could be electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, cell phone towers, wifi routers and other wireless technologies.

By listening to this summit, sharing its content or by purchasing the optional recordings, you contribute to fund the independent, critical work of Professor Olle Johansson and his colleagues who are studying the impacts of EMFs on pollinators.

Finally Discover The Secrets To Live Free of EMF Hazards, Electro-Pollution and Protect Your Family
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is The EMF Hazards Summit 2023?

The 4-day digital event consists of 18 world-class experts in the field of EMF who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies on safeguarding your entire household from the hazards of electro-pollution, including 5G.

Is this the same summit as the EMF Hazards Summit launched in 2021?

No, this is a brand new summit! We've put together 18 brand new interviews.

Are travel accommodations required to attend?

No! The EMF Hazards Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available for free on the day they launch for the summit to anyone who has claimed their free pass. Access links are emailed each day of the summit for the presentations going live that day.

The summit can’t really be free... what’s the catch?

Registration for the EMF Hazards Summit is currently free. Once registration has been confirmed, your access links will be emailed each day of the summit for the training sessions going live on that day. Each training session remains available for 24 hours from 9am - 9am EST the following day, after which, those sessions are moved to the EMF Hazards Summit VIP Access Pass Holder Member’s Area (holders of the VIP Pass will get instant access to all interviews, the day they purchase). If you think you might miss any of these vitally important training sessions, you may want to consider securing access to the recordings, professional notes, and amazing bonuses.  You'll see the VIP Pass Offer after you register for your free pass above.

What happens if I miss one of the training sessions?

Each training session can be accessed by Free Pass holders for up to 24 hours each day of the summit. This allows you to maintain your life and still find time to catch each of these amazing presentations. You may also elect to upgrade your Free Pass to a VIP All-Access Pass which will grant lifetime access to all summit presentations at a low introductory price to help empower you to take action on what you'll learn!

Do you have a refund policy for your VIP All-Access Pass?

We are so confident you will love EMF Hazards Summit VIP Backstage Pass and all the amazing value it contains, we offer a full 100% refund of your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, for up to 90 FULL DAYS! How’s that for a guarantee!?

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Still Think This Is All "Tinfoil Hat" Theories?
Read The Sources Below:
1. In 2011, radiofrequency EMFs (from cell phones, Bluetooth, wifi and cell towers) has been classified as a Class 2B “possible carcinogen” by the World Health Organization (WHO). Several scientists who were on the international committee looking at the available science at the time (including Ronald Melnick, Dariusz Leszczynski, Anthony Miller, Lennart Hardell and many more) are now saying that using the exact same scientific criteria, EMFs should be re-classified as a Class 2A or 1 carcinogen. See this 2018  epidemiology update by Dr. Anthony Miller: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013935118303475

2. Kostoff, R.N., Lau, C.G.Y. (2017). Modified Health Effects of Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Combined with Other Agents Reported in the Biomedical Literature. In: Geddes, C. (eds) Microwave Effects on DNA and Proteins. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-50289-2_4. Kostoff explains that "There is no reason to believe today that ANY of the Exposure Limits on
potentially toxic stimuli that have been set by ANY of the regulatory agencies are protective against serious adverse health effects."

3. As described in: Havas M. Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system. Rev Environ Health. 2013;28(2-3):75-84. https://doi.org/10.1515/reveh-2013-0004. PMID: 24192494.

4. As reported by Dr. Beverly Rubik, one of the presenters on EMF Hazards 2023. She explains that cellphone use in children has been linked with a shrinking of the cerebral cortex, which could directly reduce their intelligence. More science needs to be done, but the fact is that our safety standards do NOT take into consideration that children have smaller heads and more fragile brains and nervous systems. Multiple studies published in the last 15 years alone have linked EMF exposure during the pregnancy to children having a bigger risk of developing asthma and ADD/ADHD-like symptoms. See https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0160412016307383. "More research needs to be done", but in the meantime caution is advised and reducing exposure as much as possible is the sensible thing to do.

5. L. Lloyd Morgan, Santosh Kesari, Devra Lee Davis,
Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences, Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, Volume 2, Issue 4, 2014, Pages 197-204, ISSN 2213-879X, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jmau.2014.06.005.

6. According to Dr. Magda Havas, at least a third of all adults already experience mild to moderate symptoms related to EMF exposure. Havas M. Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system. Rev Environ Health. 2013;28(2-3):75-84. https://doi.org/10.1515/reveh-2013-0004. PMID: 24192494.

7. Doctors in environmental medicine who are aware of electromagnetic pollution describe that reducing their patients' exposure to this agent can make some of their symptoms disappear over time. This is logical, considering that EMFs seem to interfere with "normal healing". Waiting for a definitive proof of harm -- or for some "scientific consensus" (good luck when the science has been corrupted!) -- before we take action is pure folly. Minimizing exposure is often free, easy to do and is granted as this point.

8. https://earth.org/the-american-bumblebee-population-has-dropped/

9. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/beekeepers-in-canada-face-losses-of-up-to-90-per-cent-amid-spread-of-parasitic-mites-1.5866841

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