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Everything You Need To Learn The Truth
About Electro-Sensitivity & The Dangers of EMFs - And Start Applying Strategies to Protect Yourself

Your 20 Expert Training Sessions

From Our World-Class Experts
Dr. Jack Kruse
 Why Nature Is The Ultimate EHS Fix 
Could nature hold the answers for electro sensitivity? In this revealing conversation, Dr. Jack Kruse explains why *literally* re-connecting to the sun and the Earth is the key to improving our resilience, and thriving in an electro-polluted environment.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
 Regulatory Capture, Medical Gaslighting: How Can We Turn Things Around? 
Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shares his thoughts on how we can overcome the stunning level of regulatory capture at the FCC. Plus, an update on current legal EMF battles in the US.
Dr. Magda Havas
 These 5 Precursors Can "Trigger" Electro-Sensitivity 
Dr. Havas reveals the 5 precursors that seem to trigger electro-sensitivity in some people, and shares her latest findings on exactly what strategies can help you get better.
Dr. Neil Nathan
 You CAN Heal From EHS: A Basic Blueprint 
You CAN recover from electro-sensitivity. In this revealing interview, Dr. Nathan outlines exactly what bodily systems need to be fixed to start getting better.

Julian Gresser
 "You Are NOT Powerless" - International Attorney Will Help You Increase Your Resilience 
International attorney Julian Gresser has been fighting against goliath for over 45 years. He shares key lessons that will give you hope in our future and help you become more resilient in times of turmoil.
Dr. Eric Gordon
 It's Not Just EHS! How To Take A Truly Holistic Approach To Recovery 
Dr. Eric Gordon reveals the truth: electro-sensitivity is NOT the only health issue that EHS sufferers actually have. Here's how to start thinking about recovery in a truly holistic way.
Beth Shirley
 EMFs Lower Your Nitric Oxide & What To Do About It 
Recent scientific breakthroughs identified that nitric oxide plays a KEY role in fertility, detoxification, mental health, and overall resilience. Unfortunately, our modern EMF exposures greatly hinder our ability to produce nitric oxide!
Brian Hoyer
 The Truth About Shielding & Mistakes To Avoid 
Discover how shielding your bedroom against ambient "electro-pollution" can have profound impacts on your recovery - whether you are electro-sensitive or not.
David Schmidt
 Improve Your Body's Resilience & Slow Aging With Copper Peptides  
Inventor David Schmidt shares various ways we can improve our body's natural ability to withstand stressors (including EMFs), and reveals the science behind a special patch which helps the body create copper peptides.

Milena Ràfols
 There IS Hope - Milena's Journey Through Electro-Sensitivity 
In this touching conversation, Milena shares how she became electro hypersensitive, barely sleeping for 15 years - and was able to get better. She shares a message of hope and compassion that will resonate deeply with you.
Rob Metzinger
 The Worst Sources of EMFs For Electro-Sensitives 
What EMF sources could be at the very root of your everyday symptoms? Building biologist Rob Metzinger shares what he discovered through 20 years of experience helping people minimize their EMF load.
Darin Olien
 How To Minimize Your Everyday Toxic Load... Without Freaking Out 
Health pioneer Darin Olien shares the inconvenient truth about how many chemicals we are exposed to from everyday items like dental floss, cleaning products, clothing and tap water. He shares down to earth solutions to minimize your toxic load -- without losing your mind!
Dr. Melanie Smith
 Take Control Of Your Stress Levels With Energy Medicine 
A stressful, electro-polluted environment requires new stress management strategies. Dr. Melanie shares easy, no-cost energy medicine techniques that will add a whole new dimension to your stress management.
R Blank
 Consumer Beware: How To Shop For EMF-Blocking Products 
Warning: Poorly designed "EMF-blocking" products can do more harm than good. Join R Blank to learn how to find EMF mitigation solutions that actually work and that have been properly tested.
Amish Shah
 These Ancient Ayurvedic Principles Will Help You Lower Stress 
Amish Shah shares his latest findings on the thousands year old science of ayurveda. Learn how to manage your everyday stress and give your body what it actually needs.
Prof. Olle Johansson
 This is NOT "In Your Head" - The Truth About Electro-Sensitivity 
Scientist Professor Olle Johansson reveals the history of electro-sensitivity, how its prevalence has been increasing over time, and explains why the condition is still misunderstood and ridiculed to this very day.
Ryan Blaser
 How To Improve Air Quality & Reduce Toxic Mold At Home 
Just like EMFs, mold and air pollution can greatly worsen symptoms of electro-sensitivity. Ryan Blaser shares how to start improving your home environment.

Pawel Wypychowski
 Ex-Telecom Engineer: "EHS Is An Information Problem" 
Engineer Pawel Wypychowski has gotten sick from our modern technologies, and successfully healed himself. He shares his unique perspective about electro-sensitivity, and why it develops in some individuals, but not others.

Prof. André Vander Vorst
 Research Update: EHS Diagnosis & Vitamin E Promises 
Professor Vander Vorst updates us on his last 2 decades of research around electro hypersensitivity, and shares that the therapeutic use of Vitamin E seems promising for EHS sufferers.
Derrick Broze
 How To Be An Activist & Change The World - Without Killing Yourself 
Journalist and activist Derrick Broze will inspire you to get involved in topics that matter to you -- the healthy way. Learn how to manage your energy, mental space and become more balanced in your efforts to make the world a better place.
Meet Your Summit Host:
Nick Pineault, Citizen Journalist
My name is Nick Pineault, and I'm a citizen journalist from Montreal, Canada. Some people call me “The EMF Guy” — “EMF,” meaning electromagnetic fields, or simply put the electromagnetic “pollution” that we’re being exposed to by cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, cellphone towers and other modern gadgets.

I’m the author of one of the best-rated books on the topic of how EMFs impact human health and what to do about it. Since late 2016, I’ve become a passionate advocate for safe technologies, raising awareness around the dangers of EMFs and electro-sensitivity on well over a hundred combined podcasts, Facebook lives, radio shows, TV shows, and stages all around the world. 
Here's What Past Summit Attendees Said:

Hi Nick and the team, the interview with Dr. Neil Nathan has been really informative for me as an electro sensitive person. I now understand why people's symptoms differentiate so much and how I can help myself further.

Wow! This has been the best advice I have heard so far apart from shielding.

- Suki

These interviews have been great to share with family members so they can understand a little better. This kind of condition (electro-sensitivity) is alwas a little weird for others, even if they are very supportive. I think Dr. Nathan was especially really good at explaining that everyone sees life from their point of view... so sometimes, it's hard to understand.

- Josefa


I am glad to have a resource to refer my EHS clients to who need to find ways to reduce their hyper-sensitivity. You have provided a great service with this summit.

- Oram Miller, Certified Building Biologist


Your work is fabulous and I appreciate all your e-mails and interviews which I have heard on various summits and on line here as you send them over the e-mail. Many blessings to you and may you continue to enlighten us and the world about these critical issues which face mankind.

From my research -- whether you realize it or not, EMFs do affect everyone -- it is just that some of us are more sensitive to it and are aware of it immediately.


- Michele 

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